Even though I have a wheat allergy, I still want to eat fast food !!

Have you ever had this feeling?


When going out with friends and family, all I can consume is drink, because I am afraid of allergic reactions


I wish I could eat with them…


If you have an allergy, you might have had a similar experience in the past.


Actually, I am allergic to wheat, so when I go out to eat, finding a place with a good menu is difficult.


The word [gluten free] has recently been spread in the community, and those shops that sell gluten-free products have also increased. But the fact is that the number of those shops and restaurant are limited still.


Meanwhile, I heard that Mos Burger sells allergy friendly products! I headed over there to try them soon after hearing it!!


Allergy friendly menu does not use egg, milk, wheat, shrimp, crab, soba and peanut as their ingredients. What a surprise.

I am happy that there are low allergen burger and low allergen hotdog.


Furthermore, it was truly amazing that there was a burger that does not contain not only wheat but also other two major allergens such as egg and milk!


Since their every product is packaged individually, there is no chance for any allergens to get into the package at the store. It is very safe.


Even though these two items are part of the kids’ menu, adults can order them as well.  So I ordered it.


 It is small but unexpectedly filling.

I ordered a low allergen burger, but the size is quite small because it is for children.


For adults, you can finish within 3~4 bites.

However, rice flour buns were very soft and filling.


Personally, I like rice flour buns, it was very delicious!!


It is truly impressive that they made allergy-friendly burger offering this taste!!


I was very happy that I can eat with everyone.

As I mentioned in the beginning, it is difficult for anybody with an allergy to go out with someone and find a place to eat.


But, because there are many Mos Burger chain stores in different places, I am really pleased to be able to visit the store with friends and family.


I feel very happy whenever I find something I can eat.

When I developed a wheat allergy, I was already an adult.


Soon after I developed the allergy, my head was filled with these thoughts. ‘’Now I can no longer eat the food which I had been eating for a long time.  All my favorite food became poisonous, Eating out is scary. ‘’


Allergens are invisible. They are used in not only obvious food such as bread, noodles, deep fry batter, but also even in soy sauce and other unexpected food.


If I eat some food by mistake, it would be very scary. Therefore, I always prepared my food at home.


But I got bored with the same food.  And I still wanted to eat fast food with others like before.


However, the recognition of allergy has expanded recently, and allergen-free products have become available in many places.


I can eat the food which I thought [I could no longer eat any more]!


「Having the choice of where to eat when I go out truly makes me happy. Before it was like ‘’There is no restaurant where I can go out to eat’’, and now I can say that ‘’ I want to go there to eat’’


Recently, the number of products that can be eaten has increased, I feel the joy of eating and going out to eat.


Although the number of allergen-free products is limited, I sincerely hope there will be an increase in stores and products that handle the products. So everybody can eat safely.


I will continue to update the allergy friendly products I have actually experienced.

I think It would be nice to share the information with those who are suffering from allergies in the same way I do. (*’ω’*)

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