[Hamburger can be that delicious ?]

Yesterday’s lunch was so delicious to the point where I felt like I don’t want to finish eating. Very impressed.

Actually, at the age of 20, I developed a wheat allergy and I stopped eating wheat. It is hard for me to recall the last time when I ate a burger.


Before I became allergic to wheat, I used to eat a burger a lot. Since I developed the allergy,  I gave up on eating burgers.


I would like to introduce this burger shop where it allows someone like me to eat burgers.


Yokohama Minato Mirai World Porters Store

 ※Uses potato instead of wheat


Burger buns are made of gluten-free rice flour 100%. So it is very safe.

The shop which I am introducing this time has been awarded [Hawaii BEST Burger Award] for 18 consecutive years.


And TEDDY’S BIGGER BURGERS is their original premium burger.


You can choose bread in this shop.


I am allergic to wheat so I ordered [100% Gluten free rice flour buns].


It was very soft and delicious. and I was able to eat peacefully!!


Also when you order rice flour buns, it comes with tortilla chips!!


As for the potato, it’s cooked with wheat. But they were kind enough to change the ingredients. That made me really happy.

Impressed by juicy American beef patty

The beef patty is cooked after ordering, so it’s juicy when done!

Also, you can choose the size of the patty. It was also good to be able to adjust the amount according to the mood I was in at that time.


I chose a small one, but because it’s 120g and filled my stomach.


Anyway, it was very juicy and delicious because I was able to eat soon after it was cooked.


Exciting topping choices

This time I did not have any additional toppings, but onion, lettuce, and tomato were very fresh and delicious!


Even though freshly baked patties were still hot, both onions and lettuce were fresh and maintained their texture. It is impressive.


I could really enjoy the texture as well.


In addition, there are lots of toppings on the menu.


Cheese, pineapple, avocado,  jalapeno… etc


Being able to choose a variety of topping makes you excited to see what kind of burger it becomes.


Even if without a topping, the burger was delicious. But I think choosing a topping is one of the benefits of these stores.


Because of my allergy, I now can’t eat it any more….

Till recent, I was thinking like this. But I feel like the number of allergy-friendly shops is increasing little by little recently.


TEDDY’S BIGGER BURGERS shop which I introduced this time offer options of not only

100% gluten-free rice flour buns, but also vegetable buns. They offer a few dishes that can be eaten safely by people with wheat allergies.


Their burger doesn’t look different from a normal burger.  I’m glad anyone who visits this store can eat the same thing.


Although there are still a few numbers of restaurants that are friendly to allergy, we will introduce them from time to time as we find it!!


If you have a wheat allergy, please .refer to this article.


※As for production information, seasonings, ingredients, we recommend you to purchase after checking with the shop.


 In this report, production information or seasoning details are not checked.

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