Are there any snacks you can buy at the convenience store?

There are a great variety of delicious snacks available at the convenience store, supermarket, and department!


However, the majority of the items use wheat. For those who are allergic to wheat, it’s very difficult for them to search the items they can eat…


Not only those who have a wheat allergy, but those who are allergic to some other food must have a similar experience.


Therefore, let us introduce some snacks which can also be eaten by wheat allergy customers!


When you are a little bit hungry, this snack can meet your need! [ SOYJOY]

One type of product sold by Otsuka Pharmaceutical does not use any wheat flour. That’s「SOYJOY」


In addition, the factory where the snack is produced does not produce any products that contain wheat. So you can enjoy the snack safely.


Health benefit is one of the attractions as it is only made of soy flour instead of wheat!


Furthermore, there are many flavors for you to choose from!


※Please refer HP if you have other allergy-related questions




Enjoy the texture! [ Chewy chocolate Ganache]

[Chewy chocolate Ganache] sold by  Bourbon


You can enjoy the texture of the snack because soft Ganache is inside of a chewy rice cake.


This new flavor is seasonal. (As of December 2018 strawberry flavor has released)


There are 4 of them in a pack, and it comes with 2 packs.

It is recommended because it can be eaten easily!


※Please refer to this company’s website if you have other allergy and manufacture line related questions


Chewy Chocolate Ganache


The snack doesn’t contain specified 27 ingredients. [KInd Happy Turn]

What a surprise.  No use of specified 27 ingredients gluten free happy turn!


Its name is  [Kind Happy Turn]


This item is produced by the Kameda company famous for rice cake.


They use salt 30 % less for the snack. It is a safe and delicious snack even for people without allergy.


The normal Happy Turn also includes wheat. But the one we are recommending does not contain all the specified 27 ingredients, therefore, it is safe to eat!


It is addictive because of the taste we can always count on!


※Please refer company’s website if you have other allergy and manufacture line related questions


Kind Happy Turn


Classic … [Chip Star Light salt flavor]

Easy to eat chip star in a cylindrical package.


It is convenient because you can preserve it by closing the lid after finishing eating.


There are lots of flavors, but some flavors contain wheat. So you need to be careful.


It is classic but its saltiness and crispness are irresistible!


※Please refer company’s website  if you have other allergy and manufacture line related questions


Apart from searching…

I was surprised that there are many surprisingly easy to eat products that are on the state as him at convenience stores and supermarkets.


Also, like the Happy Turn, the number of products that 27 items are not used is increasing and it is what anyone can eat safely.


I have not been able to introduce it yet, so I will introduce it again!

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