Do you know [cold urticaria]?

The cause seems to be unclear.  It is a skin reaction to cold after cold exposure. Some parts of the body where the temperature became lower than your normal body temperature, hives appear.


In most cases, the hives naturally disappear within a few minutes to several hours if you are warm.

But in some cases, the symptom could develop into difficulty breathing or even anaphylactic shock. So be careful!


Causes of cold urticaria are different depending on each person. But the major cause is attributed to the fact that when the temperature falls below body temperature by cold exposure.


For example,

When the body gets colder after sweating a lot during the exercise


When the body gets colder in a pool or cold water


When the mouth and lips get cold with a cold drink and an ice cream


When feet get itchy while walking with bare feet on the floor


There are many examples.


Personally, I suffer from cold urticaria every year so it is necessary for me to take some measures.


So I will introduce the measures I take against cold urticaria under certain circumstances.


★Measures when going out★

Although wearing enough clothes to keep warm is a basic measure, the most effective one was  [mask].


For me, urticaria tends to occur on my face. Because it’s the part of the body where it is directly exposed to cold.


Just by spreading the mask to the bottom of your eyes, you can prevent it with a high chance!


Also, in my case, my urticaria comes out when my ears get cold.


So it is also effective to wear a hat deep so that my ear hides a little!


★Measures when exercising★

After you exercise and sweat, your body gets cold. Then urticaria tends to come out.


My measure during exercise is [wearing a few thin inner shirts].


When the body gets warm, I recommend you to take it off one by one so that it can be adjusted to your comfort without being cold.


Also,  a Neck Warmer is recommended!


When exercising, body temperature fluctuates, so I try to adjust the temperature as easy as possible.


Also, wiping sweat immediately is one of the measures.


When sweat dries, the body gets cold. And urticaria is more likely to come out, so I try to wipe it often.


Even at home…

I try to make sure that my body temperature doesn’t fluctuate so much not only when I go out or exercise, but also in the house as well.


Putting a foot heater in a cold place such as a shower room or a kitchen. Trying to walk with socks or slippers so I don’t have to walk with bare feet.


What I mentioned is easy to implement with things and clothes at home. But I found these measures to be most effective.


I think the cause of cold urticaria is different depending on each person. But if there is someone who is suffering from a similar situation, please try to refer!

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