This is a lunch box completely without wheat!

Recently I often see the word [gluten free] in media and shops.


As a wheat allergy person, I am very happy to hear it.


But It doesn’t mean that I have a place where I can buy my lunch every day, and the options of shops and products are still limited.


Since I have  10 years history of wheat allergy, I will introduce my lunch box.


Today’s menu is [Twice cooked pork] lunch box and rice flour Scone.

Twice cooked pork can be cooked with lots of vegetables. So you can eat well.


All you have to do is to Cut vegetables and pork into edible sizes and stir fry. It is really easy to make and delicious. This is why I’d like to recommend.


By the way, the soy sauce which is essential as seasoning is [ Fava bean sauce].


For any cooking, [Fava soy sauce] which does not contain wheat and soy is recommended

Although wheat is one of the ingredients of ordinary soy sauce, it is said that allergens disappear in the manufacturing process. but I don’t use it just in case.


So I use  [Fava soy sauce].


The great thing about this product is that it is made without using [wheat] or [soybean]!


It’s not only people with wheat allergy but also people with soybean allergy as well.  (it is said to be a soy sauce like seasoning as it does not use soybeans)


Surprisingly, the taste of fava soy sauce mostly cannot be differentiated from real soy sauce!


It is a very useful item that can be used to various kinds of food from stir fry to Sashimi.


When you are snacky, Rice flour scone is a good option.

When you are snacky, it is difficult for you to find something you can eat. Because you have allergy.


Wheat is used in many products sold at convenience stores. For that reason,


It is hard to find products that do not include wheat…


You might end up getting always the same item…


So I always carry rice flour sweets!


Today is [Chocolate chip and apricot scones].


Since the scones are mixed with pumpkin flakes, the flavor of the pumpkin can be enjoyed (*’ω’*)


You can add your own touch when making scone, So it is recommended when you want to make sweets at home.


It is good to be able to make plenty of scone at once!

Rice flour sweets have lots of recipes when you search them on the internet!


Among them, I always choose the recipe that allows me to make it easier.


When you have a busy lifestyle, Cooking every time is time and energy consuming…


So my recommendation is [scone] [madeleine] and [cookie]!


In general, you can bake a lot of pieces at once and preserve the ones you cannot eat.


Also, you can eat without getting bored. Because it is easy to arrange the taste.


You will have fun not only when you are eating but when you are making too.

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