Allergy Triggered by Fresh Cream

I like fresh cream. When I’m tired or I want to snack on something, I develop craving for it. One day, I was eating short cake. It was very delicious. However, after I finish eating it, I realized that I had an itchy feeling in the throat. Since it was just a minor change, I did not particularly care about it that day.

A few days later, I ate a short cake again. This time I had the same sensation in my throat. I thought it was strange. So, I decided to search information for allergy.

Milk Allergy

At first, I was searching for “fresh cream allergy”, but I learned the cause of allergy is the basic ingredients of fresh milk which is “milk”. There are many kind of allergenic food including milk, eggs, wheat, shrimp, crab, peanut, Japanese soba noodle, and fruits. Other food can also trigger allergy.

When I look back in my past, I remember one of my friends being unable to drink milk during lunch at kindergarten and elementary school. Infants are especially susceptible to food allergy due to the lack of ability to digest protein well by an underdeveloped digestive system.  Therefore, parents need to pay extra attention when their child is still really young.


Food Allergy Caused By Unexpected Food

When I talked to my friends about what I experienced, I learned that my friends had similar experiences. I got responses like “I could not drink milk when I was little.” “I had to ride an ambulance once because of breathing difficulty.” I felt like allergy exists around us. Anybody can develop allergy any time. So, we need to pay attention.

In the Future

In the future, I would like to take some tests at a hospital to know my allergen. When I buy food at a grocery store, I will check specific ingredients such as milk, eggs, wheat, shrimp, crab, peanut, soba that are listed on the food package.

If you have a child, It is good to pay attention to allergies.

Even after becoming an adult, your favorite food could suddenly trigger allergy. Paying attention to allergies is important. By knowing your own allergen, ways to deal with allergen expand. I thought acquiring the knowledge of allergy is important.