Kuroshio cho kanzumeseisakusho:   This recipe uses one can of fish Pâté with green paper and jelly


shrimp, crab, wheat, soba, eggs, milk, peanuts are not used are not applicable (excluding bread)


  • If you are allergic to wheat rice flour bread is recommended


  • When you use seasonings, please use what you are not allergic to.


Recipe provided by Kuroshio cho kanzumeseisakusho CO., LTD.



Fish Pâté with a green paper and jelly 1 can

Garlic Toast (commercially available) 6 pieces

Olive Oil            1/2 tablespoon

Cherry Tomatoes    3

Green Olives           3



<Preparation Instructions>

① Put a large amount of fish pâté on garlic toasts.

② Place them in a serving dish with cherry tomatoes and green olives on the side. Then Sprinkle olive oil on top.


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