Bread Lovers

Since my sister loves bread, she eats it every day. She eats it not only for breakfast, but also as a snack.  Whenever I ask my sister what her favorite food is, her answer is bread. She says ”I like bread of course! There are various tastes and it is delicious.”

Daily Physical Condition Changes Suddenly

One day, my sister was eating raisin bread for breakfast as usual. Suddenly she says, “My throat feels scratchy. Am I eating too much?” No family members thought it was a serious issue. However, the same event happened when my sister was eating bread with walnut.  She said that “My throat feels uncomfortable. “It didn’t seem like a big issue when she said it again. However, it took a new turn.”

 Scary Allergic Symptoms

My sister’s skin turned red and she developed itchy skin. My family became concerned and told her to take a rest. After a while, my sister’s condition recovered. However, the unexpected event took everybody by surprise. Because of my medical educational background, I had the knowledge of anaphylactic shock and allergy reactions. After the event, I decided to search for more information on the allergy. As I was searching, I learned that wheat is included among the specific ingredients that are required to display on food. Besides wheat, there were “milk, shrimp, crab, peanut (peanut), egg”.

When searching  for the allergic symptoms, it turned out that those include scratchy throat, discomfort in the mouth, sneezing, runny nose, breathing difficulty, abdominal pain and diarrhea. When the allergy occurs, the worst-case scenario is that it may lead to death. So based on this research, I felt the importance of knowing allergens.

Even some food we love and eat every day can cause allergies. We need to be careful how much we eat them.

Measures That Can Be Taken for The Future

It was a scary experience to witness the occurrence of the allergy symptoms. Therefore, I want to go to the hospital to take a test in order to know my allergens and take measures in advance. I shouldn’t forget the fact that my favorite food could turn into an allergen. If you feel discomfort when you are eating certain food, it might be better not to force yourself to eat and see how your body reacts.